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I said I'd let this poll run until today, so today it ends. I must say, I was very pleased to see all the feedback and votes! The results (see below) show that 1/3 voters would like to see a wireless network stack in Haiku. It has already been expressed that a wireless network stack should not hold back Haiku R1 from being released, although I'm sure most would agree, it's a feature many would like to have in Haiku.

I understand the importance of having the blocking alpha bugs squashed, but at the same time realize that there are really only a few core Haiku developers that can solve these problems, and I'm not so sure they're receptive to bounties. They have enough to worry about on their plates, and I'm sure these bugs will get solved eventually; when they have time.

Now might be a good time to also mention the third most popular bounty based on the votes. A flash port. This bounty already exists, and has a healthy pool of ~$425

Regarding a wireless bounty, Ithamar and Fredrik Holmqvist were looking into wireless, and Urias McCollough reported on Haiku's website that Ithamar "would like to work on porting FreeBSD's wireless stack where Fredrik Holmqvist left off".

I personally emailed Ithamar to ask if he's consider a wireless bounty and he replied in a thread at Haikuware:

"I've had a closer look at wireless, and I personally feel we shouldn't push for this at this time. There's a lot to be done for it to work properly, and I guess we'd like to have it supported in a more fundemental way then just a 'simple' recompile from BSD (which would make it part of the FreeBSD compatiblity layer)".

However, I told him I'd run a poll and he said:

"I'm not turning a wireless bounty down. Let's see what the community says, and if the Alpha items don't get enough backing, we'll take another look".

So there you have it. Personally, I think this is a huge project, and $750 just doesn't cut it. If we could get some of the 58 people that voted for the wireless bounty to contribute some money towards this bounty and raise it to $2000-3000 maybe it will get a better second look...

I am going to contact the contributors to the Macbook bounty and ask if they'd like a refund, if not, the money will be transferred into a wireless bounty that should be opened by this Friday. Please contribute!

Thanks again for all the input and voting!


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