Wifi Encryption Bounty Development to Start

wifi-ENCsAs mentioned at Haiku's website: 'Axel has now completed his contract, and intends to pursue the Haikuware bounty for implementing the missing bits of WiFi support over the next weeks....

Axel contacted Haikuware, and applied for our Wifi Encryption Bounty - which was accepted. The bounty will be split into three milestones, and is to be completed within a timeframe of around four months:
  1. Port wpa_supplicant, and extend the networking stack to make it work. I have an Intel IPRO 3945 WLAN device, and the target would be to make it work with this one. I might get a hold of some other cards to test with though.
  2. Design and implement a C++ API to be used for configuring/accessingthe WLAN (including WEP/WPA/WPA2 support). Integrate the wpa_supplicantfunctionality into the net_server or wherever else appropriate.
  3. Extend existing applications (ifconfig, net_server, Networkpreferences, and NetworkStatus) to use this API, and support WLAN.

We're happy to have Axel apply and work on this important task. Please consider supporting the bounty if you think you'll benefit from it ;)


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