New Bounties and Haikuware Commitment

Haikuware is committed to see the success of Haiku. For this reason, we're contributing $2500 USD of bounty money - available immediately. Following the successful fundraising campaigns for the Wifi Stack and Wifi Encryption bounties, Haikuware is opening three more bounties, it believes, will be popular and successful with the community (and developers)...

The $2500 will be split into the three bounties to cover 50% of their target goal, with the hopes the community will chip in the other 50%. Time has told us that Haiku's community is strong and supportive, and past bounties reflect this. Over the years we've seen success with the following bounties: SATA driver, WebKit base port, Bluetooth Stack, Flash Port, Wifi Stack, and hopefully Wifi encryption soon (over $10,000 raised and ~$8500 paid out).

Haiku's supporters, developers and administration team do an awesome job, but sometimes, some decisions leave me scratching my head - like having two projects for an Ext3 driver. I don't know if you're with me, but I'd rather have my printer or TV card working, or even some 3D graphics. All three of these areas are sore spots for Haiku... I also plan to have the developer taking on any of the bounties submit mandatory monthly reports so that they don't fall behind, and keep the community and donors up to date as well. Let us try and make a difference in time for Haiku's 10th birthday, and a next great release.

So, as I said, the money is available today (and we're accepting donations). The following three bounties have been started:

  1. Gallium Port/Some Other 3D Solution (note, AROS' port was done for $1067...)
  2. CUPS Port
  3. TV Card Drivers

By the way, the bounty descriptions are just guidelines. I encourage the community to help establish the goals for each bounty. They will also inevitably be adjusted by any developer wishing to tackle them :)

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