Gutenprint funds raised

gutenprint-banner-leftAfter some generous donations to theĀ Gutenprint bounty by community members, the goal of $2000 was reached today (well, $3.75 short *thanks Matt - please remember PayPal's fees when topping up your amount). At least the 50/50 plan and successful completion of the bounty worked for 1/3 bounties so far (never know until you try!) Thanks to all to the donors.

Michael has completed most, if not all, the bounty goals. I've spoken with him already, and he prefers not to be paid at the moment, so he can be motivated to fix more bugs. So, I'll wait until he's ready.

From here on in, I think it would be good to concentrate raising funds for the Gallium bounty. I did get an email last week from a well known developer who may be interested in the project; he said he'd mail back when he researched it a bit more.

There's also been considerable talk about a Wine bounty (with some interesting ideas/details from the ReactOS project), but nobody has approached me yet with the start up funds for this.

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