Haiku - Translators Wanted!

Haiku was selected to participate in Google's Code In program.

Google's contest to introduce pre-university students to the many kinds of contributions that make open source software development possible, is starting on November 22, 2010. We are inviting students worldwide to produce a variety of open source code, documentation, training materials and user experience research for the organizations participating this year. These tasks include:

In relation to Haiku, many of the missing tasks are for translations. If you can help translating Haiku and its components into any of the following languages:  

Czech, Danish, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Scottish (Gaelic), Swedish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Arabic, Catalan, Low German/Saxon (Plattdüütsch), Malay, Modern Hebrew, Persian, Serbian, Swiss German, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, German, Korean, Modern Greek

then please see Haiku's website for more information. Please translate this news item, and add to your national Haiku website.

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