Poll Decides Bounty Money Should be Donated to Haiku

A two week poll has decided that the $2002.09 gathered from an incompletely finished bounty (Wifi Encryption), and an expired bounty (TV Card Support) should be forwarded to Haiku Inc. to be put towards a work contract that will further Haiku's development (it was also interesting to note there was strong support to see Gobe Productive v3.0 on Haiku).

There are only two conditions for the transfer:
  1. The funds be used towards a work contract of some kind to further Haiku's development.
  2. With a news item on Haiku's webpage, recognize the donation and donors, and what will be done with the money (similar to how its done with GSOC announcements).

We don't think these are unreasonable conditions. I've already emailed Matt Madia to have him discuss this with Haiku's Board of Directors. We do hope Haiku Inc. accept the funds!

I could foresee that it might be in Haiku's interest to use the money, and contribute some of its own, towards hiring one of the GSOC students who had an attractive resume and application but didn't make it into the program due to lack of places/funding. 

*Update - confirmation Haiku accepted the donation :-D



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