24th TYA Winner - Brecht Machiels

Brecht Machiels has won our 24th Thank You Award! There was no poll this time (as well as the last TYA), because it's getting harder to find developers that haven't already won the TYA. Perhaps we'll review this policy after the 25th award... 

Brecht developed HaikuPorter.

HaikuPorter is a command line Python application that, using the information contained in a HaikuPort's BepFile:

  • fetches the original source code archive
  • extracts this archive
  • patches the sources for compilation on Haiku
  • builds the software
  • installs the software
  • zips up the resulting binary for distribution

Currently HaikuPorter can not automatically resolve any dependencies. The HaikuPorts project's main objective is the porting of software to Haiku, and not to create a package management system as powerful as Gentoo Portage or the FreeBSD ports system. Automatic dependency handling is therefor not high on the to-do list. More info...



0 # RE: 24th TYA Winner - Brecht Machielsdsuden 2011-08-11 08:09
If you're running out of potential Thank You Award winners, maybe you could extend thank yous to people who contribute in other ways to the Haiku community, rather than only coders.
0 # RE: RE: 24th TYA Winner - Brecht Machielskvdman 2011-08-12 02:50
this has been done in the past, see award #'s 16, 11, 7 & 3...


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