Gallium 3D Bounty Accepted

altIt took quite a while, and after emailing lots of developers, we finally have someone to take on the Gallium Bounty! Who? The same developer working on Haiku's ATI/AMD driver - Alexander von Gluck (kallisti5). 

Gallium 3D has been part of Mesa since 2009. In August 2011 however, Mesa removed BeOS support . Alexander sent a mail to Mesa's mailing list asking if they'd accept patches from Haiku- this was accepted/confirmed (he even sent the first patch). 

Alexander proposes the bounty be split into payment milestones with the following guidelines:

  • 0% * Update Mesa3D / aka Gallium3D to current and work on getting changes accepted in Mesa upstream
  • 0% * Get stock Mesa3D into the build system somehow so it is pulled / extracted prior to compiling opengl kit
  • 25% * Ensure new Mesa3D based opengl kit works and software rendering occurs (this gets us back to square one with the new Mesa version compiled from upstream.)
  • 50% * Get at least one Gallium3D Hardware driver working / rendering.
  • 25% * Get two Gallium3D Hardware drivers working / rendering.

The amounts are proportionate to the work. Right now he's about half way through the first item. You can read more details here.

Alexander mentioned that most of the money he'd earn would be used to purchase new ATI/AMD hardware to develop and test the driver he's working on. Unfortunately he has to purchase most of the hardware himself to debug and test the driver. So, by contributing to this bounty, you're essentially helping Haiku on two fronts!


It's good to have a great developer with a track record working on this project; let's wish him luck!

Lastly, I'm going to be retiring the Thank You Award and moving the funds into this bounty. There are a limited number of Haiku developers, and most have received the award. I was happy to administer the program. The project started over four years ago, and yielded 25 awards (and >$1000 in prizes)!



0 # RE: Gallium 3D Bounty AcceptedMaxOS 2011-12-25 10:19
Wonderful news.
Are two drivers will be provided to only the radeonhd? And if so what models? HD2xxx and HD3xxx(R600) or HD4xxx(R700) or maybe HD5xxx(Evergreen) and newer(APU?)? Probably on beginning enough "old" but powerful(especially for Haiku) R600 and R700.
0 # How much information is available from AMDcebif 2012-04-21 04:59
I was wondering how easy it is to develop hardware accelerated drivers, since in Linux developers have been trying for a long time, to develop 3d accelerated graphics for AMD/ATI hardware but some information is held back.
The result is certain mup to date features in later hardware is extremely hard to implement. This results in users needing to use the AMD/ATI closed source drivers if they play latest games or graphics. Even these drivers are poor compared to the drivers AMD/ATI make for Windows.
The nouvo Nvidia driver is no better. I think there is even less information available.
I hope somehow these difficulties can be overcome in Haiku.
0 # Open Sorce Graphics Hardwarecebif 2012-04-25 16:20
It would be ideal if there was good open source graphics hardware. I think there has been some effort in this area but may not have developed far enough.
Does anyone know what is going on here?
Also what is the reason AMD/ATI and NVIDIA don't give full information even though they support open source drivers? {at least AMD). Is it because they don't want their competitors to have easy access to their latest techniques?
If that is so could a type of hybrid open source/closed source copyright exist or be created, to have the companies secrets protected but where there was common knowledge in the techniques, have that part open source? In this way open source developers would be also partially closed source and they would only be able to develop AMD/ATI drivers. The others would only be able to develop NVIDIA, Intel or whatever drivers, Maybe some type of contract period so none would be bound for life to any company.

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