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Love us, hate us, love to hate us; you probably missed us :-p

Ran into some issues with the server and I wasn't available at the time. To make matters worse, it was a complicated issue and didn't have much time to fix it. The server went down about a week ago, and is back online now. I think that was the longest outage in about six years :(

I apologize for the outage. I couldn't respond to all the emails sent to me and apologize for that as well. I did write a mail to Haiku's development list, but it seems it didn't get through for whatever reason.  

I wrote a letter to Haiku Inc. yesterday requesting funding for Haikuware & Bebits. The sites operate at a loss and I personlly fund their existence. Donations are null, and Ad revenue is petty.

"Dear Haiku Inc.

Since 2007, Haikuware has been providing Haiku users with freely downloadable content. Later acquiring BeBits, Haikuware & BeBits provide an invaluable software library and point of research for the Haiku Operating System.

Alone, Haikuware has funded several bounty programs, donated money, etc. To the tune of > $20,000 USD. Now, Haikuware is asking for help in return. We're unable to fund the hosting anymore. We're asking for a subtle 588 euros/year to host two websites that greatly enrich the lives of Haiku users. We've received countless emails asking where the services are.

This is more than a plane ticket,hotel room booking or work contract. Haikuware & BeBits are a living legacy available to Haiku users 24/7. Please put a motion before the board and decide the future of these great services.

To be clear, Haikuware is not selling itself, BeBits, or the content or rights; but asking for server funding.

Thanks for your time."

Haiku funds 3rd party developers, 3rd party conference attendants, community and other interests; why not Haikuware? We've been a solid contributor to the OS and community for years.  The websites are available 24/7. It's not a hotel room or plane ticket to a conference that's quickly forgotten; it's a legacy and a future. Haiku/Haiku Inc. and I have always had a *special relation. Should be interesting, I'll write an update later with their decision.

I plan to update the site later this year, and have a beta version. Should be interesting; hopefully we'll be able to stick around.

If you'd like to personally donate, please follow this link, and use the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also leave a note it's for server costs! Thanks

Update, or simply click here:



Also, for those curious (after reading freelists), the bounty money for Gallium (remaining balance), has always been there, and will be there until Alex is finished the bounty (even if this website if offline). I was offended/insulted reading that I may be  'a radical muslim spy' or fundraising fraudster , espically seeing how much this guy uses Haikuware and BeBits, (but at least some that know me came to my defence!).



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