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2009-03-21: Summary

Colin Günther
Colin Günther
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Mar 20 MyBlog 0 Comments
After compiling a customized flavour of Haiku, using the UserBuildConfig file, and getting it to work on my Laptop, I downloaded the complete sources. Heading for a “Haiku build on Haiku” stress test I energized jam. 

In the middle of this my system stopped responding. Though everything looked fine on first look, there was no moving mousepointer or new compile messages in the terminal. Time for getting to kernel debugger land (kdl) by pressing F12. After getting somewhat more personal with it, I was able to track down the freeze to the “multi_audio audio output”-thread in the media_addon_server. Simply this was the current thread everytime I went to kdl. 

After suspending this thread and leaving kdl everything went on normally. So I called kdl one more time, aiming to resume this thread. And after that still everything worked fine. So this was less of a bug hunting and more of a kdl exercise with help of the  kdl-article  by Ingo Weinhold.

The compilation took over 90 minutes, the occuring debugging session excluded. After that Haiku-on-Haiku run well in QEMU-on-Haiku.
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