There are a couple of components you usually see together with desktops and notebooks. A mouse, monitor, keyboard, tower, and printer... What is a computing experience without a printer!?

Haiku will need to address this problem as most other operating systems have by porting the CUPS libraries (the Common Unix Printing Services). A port and integration of this project with Haiku's printing kit will bring the support of hundreds of printers! It has already been shown to be operational on the commercial BeOS-based derivative Zeta. You can download the sources here .

A port of CUPS isn't a question of if it will happen, but rather when and by who (and possibly how much)!

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So what do you think you're capable of?

A port of at least the low-end printing part of CUPS. This means all the
actual printer-driver related code, but not necessarily the printer
sharing, and web based configuration interface code. I would rather
implement this at a later stage in a more proper Haiku native manner
(and I already have some ideas for that).

This means at the end of this stage, you should be able to print any
postscript file to any printer hooked up to your Haiku machine that is
supported by CUPS.

Stage 2:
Modify the Postscript printer driver to be able to select and recognise
a CUPS PPD. In this case it will automagicly use CUPS for printing (if
available on the system, of course).
I would also want to try to add automatic suggestion of PPD for USB
printers, but that will depend on the stability of the USB stack in my
development environment, and the availability of (USB) printers when I'm
close to finishing this task.

Hah, and when do you think you'll be done?

I expect to finish these activities at the Code Asylum / BeGeistert 18,
in Dusseldorf, DE, latest on the 13th of January. If I'm going to be
able to finish this sometime, that should be the ultimate moment (seeing
I'll have the core Haiku hackers available around me ;)).

And who the f%%^^&ck do you think you are anyway?

Well, original developer of the Print Kit when Haiku was still called
OpenBeOS, co-developer on the CUPS porting for ZETA, and
last-but-not-least the most cola-induced coder in the community :P

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Some links to relevant info:

Getting Started: Developing for Haiku
CUPS Homepage
Haiku Printing Team

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