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This is BeOS legacy driver. It may or may not work under Haiku.It could render your system unstable
About AtheOS-FS:

File system add-on to use volumes formatted using AtheOS' native file system.

This file system add-on allows the use of volumes formatted using AtheOS' native file system. AtheOS-FS is a very advanced file system featuring journaling, extended file attributes and more. For more information about AtheOS in general and its file system in particular please see the AtheOS web page.

Details about this version:
This is preview quality software!

Changes since last version:

  • Small changes to enable compilation on systems running Dano.
Current limitations:
  • No indexing support
  • Attribute types are (still) incompatible to AtheOS
  • Changed installation slightly. Please see documentation.
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Submitted On:
26 Dec 2007
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
110.49 Kb
File Version:
0.3.6 develop/2
File Author:
Ronny Schoebel
Total Votes:0

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