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About Abuse & fRaBs 2.1:

fRaBs is the joined effort of the abuse2.com Forum team to bring a better and bigger game. fRaBs [fRee aBuse] uses the Abuse gamefiles, a game by the now defunct company Crack dot Com. Since Abuse is also aviable for BeOS I thought of bringing this to you. Long live the BeOS!

You need to unpack the files in an empty directory and lovercase everything. Then copy the Abuse executable from one of the two BeOS ports into this dorectory and you're ready to go... Since we didn't do a BeOS port of our own [--yet! - I'm working on it] you must download one of the BeOS ports also. I reccomend John Fehr's port.

Remember to lovercase all files and directories or the game may crash!

This is basically registered Abuse with tons of extra levels/enemies and weapons + some new cool features. See the fRaBs FAQ for more info.

If the link to the archive brings you to a yellow Tripod page click on it again and the download will start


Details about this version:

This version hasn't been updated for a very long time... I don't know if a new one will appear soon...

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Submitted On:
30 Aug 2001
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
5,276.58 Kb
Other Open Source License
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0 # Runs under Alpha 2andrewzx1 2010-06-14 13:48
Can crash on New Game, run in Full Screen to avoid the crash.

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