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Mario clone + blood


In the game you play Mario and your task is to free his brother Luigi, who was captured by the evil Bowser. Mario is controlled by Keyboard or Gamepad using the Arrowkeys to walk, Space / A to jump and CTRL / B to run/fire. After reaching a castle the game is saved and can be continued at any time by clicking on "Load Game".

Notes about this version: 

To install, unzip it to /boot folder 

* Will be necessary to play:

- SDL GCC4 Game Libraries (SDL, SDL_MIXER)

* To play with mp3 music enabled, you need start the game from Terminal
- If you know how use real_path function, please help me to replace hardcoded strings path for mp3 music
- unfortunately, Haiku don't support .mid music

*** WORKS WITH ANY HAIKU VERSION  *** as reported by khalbull. THANKS!


Submitted On:
07 Jun 2010
Submitted By:
Michael Vinícius de Oliveira (michaelvoliveira)
File Size:
23,770.90 Kb
GNU LGPL v.2.1
File Version:
File Author:
Michael Vinícius de Oliveira
File HomePage:
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+2 # works with gcc2 hybridkhallebal2 2010-06-07 08:49
hi michael
you say that it xorks only with gcc4 or gcc4hybrid!?
but it works also with gcc2hybrid just fine!
well i think i'm gonna try other games you made "only for gcc4" they might work too!?
0 # RE: Mega Mariomichaelvoliveira 2010-06-07 09:47

I wanted to do a comment about this,

but I deleted before posting :P

Good that you have tested it.

So.. have some games that doesn't not uses any sdl-mixer lib functions and works ok with normal Haiku flavors.. but now all..
While anothers, the game works, but crashes media_server.addon and you don't get sound...

Thanks for reporting!

I really want to port for gcc2hybrid... but newer games are made only for gcc3 and above.. and I don't know C++ a lot to do the necessary adjustments.
+1 # RE: Mega Mariopistooli 2010-06-07 10:30
this game sure looks fun. thanks!

EDIT: works and plays nice (r37017)

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