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About LDMud:

LDMud is a Mud gamedriver in the LPMud family; more specifically it is an improvement of the old 'Amylaar' LPMud driver.

This is the LDMud 3.2.9 gamedriver, compiled for BeOS. The binary archives contains the executables for PowerPC resp. Intel x86, compiled for cross-compat mode and compat mode, as well as documentation. The sources are available in a separate archive.

Newer versions of the driver exist as source only, as I no longer have the means to compile it for BeOS.

LDMud is an improvement of the old LPmud gamedriver, originally written by Lars Pensjø and Jörn Rennecke, with contributions from many others.

LDMud is a project to modernize, or at least clean up Amylaar's LPMud gamedriver. Primary goals are full documentation, a commented source body, and out-of-the-box support for the major mudlibs. Of course, bug fixes and small enhancements will find their way into the driver during this time, but bigger enhancements are at the moment of secondary concern.

This is a slow burn project, as I work on it whenever I have time, so I won't make any promises about what I'm going to do beyond my primary objectives and what not. Nevertheless don't hesitate to send me your ideas, wishes, bug reports, or even code with useful additions. I will at least add them to the distribution archive so that everybody can profit.

Variation description:

This is the last officially released 'stable' version of the driver.

Details about this version:

The release of LDMud 3.2.9 took longer than expected, as one of the goals was to make as error free as possible. In addition, numerous features have been added to aid in the development of mudlibs, while taking care not to break existing code. For a complete list of the changes, please refer to release page.

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02 Feb 2003
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Karl vom Dorff (karl)
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1,033.73 Kb
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Lars Duening
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0 # updated version w/ srcandrewzx1 2010-12-02 10:13
Here is a reimplementation of LDMUD including BeOS source code:

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