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About CueBe:

CueBe is a set of input_server add-ons that allows you to use those free feline-shaped barcode scanners. It has minimal functionality on its own, but now can be used to add support to any application.

So here's the story of CueBe:

I was drunk one night and wrote a bunch of meaningless C++ code that happens to be syntactically correct. I compiled it and sent it off to a few friends. One of them said that something magical happens when you install it and use one of those feline-shaped barcode scanners. Boy was I surprised!


CueBe has a little bit of functionality on its own, and now works as a feline-shaped barcode scanner driver as well. Through the standard InputDevice Control mechanism, you can tell CueBe to send your application Messages whenever a code is scanned. It only takes about 4 lines of code, and sample code is supplied.

Details about this version:

* changed the CATSCAN message so it now includes 4 fields. this unfortunately...
* breaks all existing addons, and makes it so apps don't really work. there aren't many of either, though.
* added an icon (to BeBits entry)
* this version *should* support the so called "spayed" cuecats that send non-encrypted, which should make this the first one to do so ;)

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Submitted On:
03 Oct 2000
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
94.21 Kb
File Version:
0.9 BetaMax
File Author:
dan moore
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