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About People:

Evolved (more fields and TabViews) People App. see DeeperPeople (app/2284) for a more Advanced app.

People has become DeeperPeople. You can find it here

If you are looking for an advanced People editor (just manipulate your People files), go head with People. If you are looking for a full-featured contact manager (with some mail / groups / drag&drop integration), go ahead with DeeperPeople.

The new People adds these features:
  • all previous fields, plus tons of new !
  • 100% compatible with your old People files (reuses your previous contacts),
  • translated in French, English, Spanish, German, Swiss, Czech, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian... (Portuguese underway),
  • can be translated easily in all other languages (just copy & modify the Lang.h file !)
  • Additionaly, it is backward compatible (the contacts you create with it can be read by the old app).
  • bug free ? no i joke. but i use it every day, and it didn't crash, even one time.

Please vote ! or send me e-mails to tell me what you think about it or what features you would like !

See DeeperPeople for a more advanced Person manager.


Details about this version:

NOTE : English US & UK corrected (there were some mistakes in my translations).

  • Interface rewrite,
  • 2nd address line,
  • Company address,
  • more mails and URIs,
  • instant messengers (ICQ, AIM, jabber, Yahoo messenger),
  • first and last name...
  • ... and more !

Not to forget the 100% compatibility with old versions (Be and mine).
French, English and British as usual. Other translations are coming fast (translators have been contacted).

Submitted On:
22 May 2001
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
50.58 Kb
Other Open Source License
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File Author:
Olivier Cort├Ęs
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