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The core program is just a plugin loader - all functionality is made available via plugins. This enforces modularity and ensures well defined component interaction via interfaces.

Main Features

  • Several independent profiles
  • Multiple accounts in one profile
  • Nested roster groups
  • Support JID escaping
  • Storage of history both locally and on the server, with the possibility of replication of history from the server to your computer
  • Agreed off save messages (mode OTR)
  • Full support for Jabber conferences
  • Create a bookmark at the conference with the possibility autologin
  • Support for CAPTCHA form, with the possibility of transmission without the use of browser
  • A few named windows with tabs for chats and conferences
  • Support for Adium message styles
  • Animated Emoticons (using Adium style)
  • Notifications of activity of the user in the chat
  • Automatic change of transport with preservation of names, groups, subscriptions and archive messages
  • Lists of privacy, with the possibility of ignoring or setting in invisible mode for individual contacts and groups
  • Multi-stage automatic change of status depending on the time of inactivity
  • Ability to set different status icons for individual contacts, and groups of contacts are connected through transport
  • Support for avatars with the ability to specify a contact an arbitrary image as an avatar
  • Ability to add annotation to contact
  • Remote controlling

Install: unzip to /boot and run from BeMenu->Qt->Internet->Vacuum


Submitted On:
05 May 2011
Submitted By:
RUS Diger (Diger)
File Size:
7,240.24 Kb
File Version:
File Author:
RUS Diger
Total Votes:3


+4 # RE: Vacuum IMstreakx 2011-05-05 10:34
IMHO, its the best IM for Haiku and Linux. Better than Pidgin [Linux] and similar IM's.
+1 # IM client for OCS?hey68you 2011-05-08 07:38
Does anyone know if there is a Haiku IM Client that will work with Microsoft OCS (Office Communicator)?
0 # RE: Vacuum IMDiger 2011-05-08 14:43
Only through the jabber-transport(gate)
0 # OTRTmTFx 2011-07-04 09:56
Great work!
Anyway for me and some of my friends OTR is the most important thing for an IM, Vacuum for windows and linux support it, is there a chance to see it available for Haiku?

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