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About RDesktop-Manager:

Simple front GUI for the new native RDesktop

Requires RDesktop (see link below)

Please report bugs, comments and missing features. (e.g. no option for seamless mode)

Thanks to Nick V, a compiled version for Zeta, Dano and PhOS (and maybe R5+Bone too) is also available (see separate link below).

Details about this version:

Version 1.03 beta - Major Speed improvements - PLEASE Upgrade
- Fixes bugs in choosing geometry

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Submitted On:
29 Oct 2007
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
474.77 Kb
Artistic License
File Version:
1.03 beta
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0 # 2 new desktop applets in yab (please see screenshot at link below):hey68you 2008-10-27 23:04
b]I'm working on 2 new desktop applets in yab (please see screenshot at link below):

1) a picture frame thing to hang your favorite photos in your desktop with a different (skinnable) frame for each photo.

2) an analog clock with skinnable clock-face.


(also making small updates to clear calendar and hope to get it (and also BeDock) working on Haiku soon)

Hopefully this will happen soon enough to coincide with the Haiku alpha release :-)

0 # karl 2008-10-28 02:52
Wow, those look great!
0 # karl 2008-10-28 04:14
Is it possible to make some sort of widget application where people can write plugins (like your calendar and picture frame)? Kind of like Apple's or Yahoo's implementation?
0 # RE: RDesktop-ManagerSeanCollins 2011-05-30 22:50
Alpha3 compatible.
0 # newer version avaibale 1.8.0hey68you 2014-02-20 02:40
You can update the command line tool that my GUI is using:

RDesktop from 3dEyes:


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