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About Haiku website search plugin for Firefox:

This is a search plugin that enables searching the Haiku website (www.haiku-os.org) directly from Firefox.

*** Adding the search plugin to your Firefox browser ***

1) Got to www.myhaiku.org.

2) Click on the Search pull-down menu in Firefox (located by default in the upper-right hand corner, to the right of the "Go" button).

3) Select [Add "haiku-os.org Search"] from the menu.

*** To use the search plugin ***

Once the plugin is installed, simply select "haiku-os.org" in the Firefox search pull-down menu and use the search as usual. Your browser will return search results directly from the Haiku website.

*** Adding the search plugin to your website/blog ***

If you want visitors to your website/blog to be able to add this search plugin to their Firefox browser, just do as follows:

1) Download the plugin (haiku-osorg.xml.zip).

2) Extract "haiku-osorg.xml" from the ZIP file and place it in your server.

3) Add the following line to the section of your website:

...where "pluginURL" is the path to the plugin file on your server.

Visitors will now see "Add haiku-os.org Search" in the search pull-down menu of their Firefox when they visit your site.

Details about this version:

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19 Sep 2007
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Karl vom Dorff (karl)
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Jorge G. Mare
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