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About The MusicWeaver:

Graphic-Diagram MIDI Stream Arranger. Combine small elements to do custom processing of MIDI

The MusicWeaver is essentially a way to a 'morph' MIDI streams. It comprises a suite of small modules, instances of which can be connected together in a 'diagram' to perform operations on MIDI events. It is mostly intended to enhance live performance (with added voices, delays, quick patch change and so on). It is also capable of recording and playing back MIDI sequences, and playing -- or playing with -- prerecorded midifiles. Newer modules allow displaying various features of the music stream.

The package also includes the 'StreamWeaver' suite of modules that handle text and binary data rather than MIDI. In effect they implement a graphic flow diagram analogue of shell 'pipes'. A couple of linkage modules let you pass MIDI to and from command-line apps or (Ruby/Python/etc)) scripts for some custom processing of events.

Details about this version:

This is the fourth update of the Haiku package. The main enhancements are to the MidiPlay and MidiFile modules. See the README included in the package for details (Note that Package Management doesn't affect the installation or use of this archive)

The third Haiku update mainly fixed a few bugs that turned up, and bad layout in some of the module panels (left over from BeOS). The main Weaver program and its Supported Types gained new (vector) icons, a couple of modules were upgraded, and one new one was added.

The previous (second) release for Haiku, was the first to be specifically tailored to the OS.

Virtually all the modules were updated in one way or another to make them work well in Haiku. One major new module, Synth drives Haiku's internal synth with control over Soundfont selection, Reverb, and Chorus. The Program and Controller modules were enhanced to have custom selection lists

Submitted On:
25 Aug 2014
Submitted By:
Pete Goodeve (pete)
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1,450.00 Kb
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Pete Goodeve
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+1 # RE: MusicWeaverSeanCollins 2011-09-27 18:32
Awesome, I'll be sure to give this some play time !. Now If I just had a midi driver !
+1 # RE: RE: MusicWeaverpete 2011-09-27 23:43
Thanks for taking a look! Hopefully we can get all the requirements generally satisfied eventually!
+1 # wrong description...!pete 2011-09-27 23:40
For some strange reason, when I uploaded the new MusicWeaver package, I couldn't change the description! Please take it with a large grain of salt (:-/) Especially a link to a long gone web page.
Hopefully we can get the problem sorted soon...
-- Pete Goodeve --
+1 # RE: wrong description...!kvdman 2011-09-28 02:23
I couldn't change the description!

should be working now.... please try to update Pete.
+1 # RE: RE: wrong description...!pete 2011-09-28 16:36
Quoting kvdman:
should be working now.... please try to update Pete.

Seems it's a BonEcho/Haiku problem. Still no luck from Haiku, but tried in Linux and had no trouble...
+1 # Nice application !Pulko_Mandy 2011-10-09 01:42
Nice to see this is still updated ! :)

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