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About TwinVQ apps:

TwinVQ Player for BeOS. This package contain CL-Amp, SoundPlay plugin, and terminal player.

1. tvqplay
This app is a simplet TwinVQ player on terminal. You can
play a TwinVQ sound file (*.vqf, *.tvq, or *.cod file).

2. in_TwinVQ
This is a input plug-in for CL-Amp. Yes, you can play
TwinVQ files with CL-Amp!!

3. TwinVQPlugin
This is a input plug-in for SoundPlay. Now you can play
with SoundPlay, too!!

Details about this version:
=== HISTORY ===
2000.11.1 - version 0.70 additional package release.
* input plugin for SoundPlay released.
(Thanks to Marco Nelissen.)

2000.10.28 - version 0.70 release. (public release)
* memory leak fixed.
* MIME supported.
* ShiftJIS title conversion implemented.

2000.10.24 - first alpha version release.

=== NOTICE ===
Currently there are two packages. One contains terminal
player and CL-Amp plugin. Another plugin for SoundPlay.
These two will be one packeg at next release.

=== KNOWN BUGS ===
Some files can not play, or have noise at the start of
the music.

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Submitted On:
27 Oct 2007
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
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1,142.84 Kb
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