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About VGADevOut-Node:

This is a mediakit add-on (a video consumer node) that outputs Video (playback) to a secondary or higher graphicscard in your system. The first graphicscard in your system displays the Desktop and Mediaplayer controls. Included is a simple Mediaplayer that can use the node.

Note please:

This software is Alpha quality. Use with care:
Although by itself it's stable software, it uses BeOS graphics drivers to do it's work. A lot of (old) drivers weren't made for simultaneous use, so these can cause trouble when used! (you might need failsafe mode to fix it...)

Please read the documentation in the downloads for details.

Current features:
  • Displays full-color video in (upscaled and filtered) fullscreen mode on the 'primary' VGA output of supported cards;
  • Supports overlay mode (video engine) playback in colorspace B_YCbCr422;
  • Supports scaled_filtered_blit mode (2D engine) playback (as defined by Be) in colorspaces B_RGB32 and B_RGBA32 (alpha channel not used);
  • Video is automatically synchronized to the screen's vertical retrace (all modes), provided the driver in use supports it;
  • Video is always double buffered (using 3 buffers), unless a codec requires single buffering (cinepak);
  • If the graphicscard can't set a (accelerated) mode for doublebuffering (using 3 buffers), the node automatically falls back on-the-fly to using two buffers or just one buffer;
  • DPMS support: if no (paused) video is displayed the screen will be turned off automatically;
  • You can manually select which non-primary card in your system will be used via the media preferences panel (defaults to first found free card).
Known limitations:
  • Only analog VGA style (so no DVI) connections are supported due to current limitations in (most of?) the drivers:
  • All cards supported by a driver which has coldstart support enabled: cannot be used with DVI connections. Use VGA cables (driver limitations)!
  • Maximum resolution for video playback is 640x480 pixels: this is also the display mode used (this limitation can be lifted in the future);
  • No aspect correction available in the node (always uses 4:3 aspect);
  • More colorspaces could be supported for both overlay and scaled_filtered_blit mode (this limitation can be eased up in the future);
  • Just one graphicscard can be used simulteneously. Multiple instances for multiple targets and video-wall setups could of course be added in the future, just like dualhead and TVout support...

Details about this version:

This is the first release of this software in this form:
  • The first 'release' was Alpha 1. You could download that as an unfinished product from the BeTVOut page here on BeBits. It was written some 4 years ago by Kevin H. Patterson. Due to 'reallife issues' he had to abandon further development.
  • The second version Alpha 2, was already heavily modified by me to become what it currently is. This version was only released to a few persons for testing.
  • The current version Alpha 3 was changed in a lot of ways again since Alpha 2. Now it's a relatively good working, rather complete (though basic) piece of software. Consider it a (bad) example of what can be done with all those graphics cards in your system.. ;-)

I want to thank Kevin H. Patterson for his extensive work on Alpha 1: he put in several late nights (during months) to discover how the Mediakit works for this kind of stuff. He wrote both the MK-MediaPlayer and the video consumer node: Explicitly for a rather tricky solution for TVout we had back then. The node is now largely rewritten for it's current functionality.

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Submitted On:
27 Apr 2006
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
73.63 Kb
File Version:
Alpha 3
File Author:
Rudolf Cornelissen
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