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Converts Microsoft Word files to Postscript or plain text

This is a quick port of a GPL program by Adri van Os. It converts Microsoft Word documents to either Postscript or plain text (and now PDF and XML docbook as well). The Postscript output handles images as well. The package also includes some xicon scripts to let you convert via drag-and-drop.

Details about this version:

(Actually dated October 2005 -- it slipped by me...)
From Adri's ChangeLog:
New features:
- XML/DocBook output now contains tags
- Show page headers and footers (PostScript and PDF output only)
- Show text that was removed by the revisioning system

Also I found that for some reason (lost in the mists of time) I modified the BeOS version to be more aware of UTF-8. I think this was probably a misunderstanding, and I've now gone back to the source code as supplied. Zeta users: please check if this has fixed the problem with the PS xicon script...

You can still ensure UTF-8 output if you should need it, by specifying "-m UTF-8" in the command line. Similarly, remember that if you *don't* want it you can force ISO characters by "-m 8859-1" or whatever codepage is appropriate for your area.

When I actually tried the Ghostscript script this time, I found that things have changed since I wrote it, with the 'gs' command in the more logical '/boot/home/config/bin', so I've edited the script to match. You may need to edit further if you have a GS setup that is not the same.

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01 Feb 2006
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Pete Goodeve (pete)
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Pete Goodeve
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