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About AudioCD-Cover:

AudioCD-Cover is a Gobe Productive document and a shell script to automate audio CD cover generation.

AudioCD-Cover is a Gobe Productive document where you fill out a spreadsheet with track titles, playing time etc. and a front and back cover is automatically generated with this info. With the document comes a shell script that reads out the titles and times of the mounted audio CD. This can then be pasted into the Gobe document to save your precious time.
For this to be effective, I strongly recommend installing CDDBlinkd first to get the songtitles from an internet database.

Details about this version:

Tom Hoke of Gobe has solved a problem with the genre cell of the back cover. I forgot to hide the grid, resulting in a thin grey line around it. That is fixed now. Thanks Tom.

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Submitted On:
04 Dec 2000
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
16.90 Kb
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File Author:
J. Seemer
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