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About BeConverter:

BeOS native unit of measure converter.

The BeConverter is a one-of-a-kind, BeOS native, multi-threaded conversion tool. It supports high-speed, "live" cross-unit conversions using a custom built conversion engine. Another handy feature of the BeConverter is that it makes use of BeOS' 64-bit journaling file system which improves its customizability, speed and size factor. It was written with speed and stability in mind, while not compromising on convienience and customizability.

At first, this utility was to be a commercial application, but because of the recent bad things (you know what I mean), I've lost hope on making money from this app.(A similar utility for Windows is being sold for $ 25 USD :).

Thus in some parts of the documentation I may have mentioned it to be commercial, but remember its totally free (but does fall under its own license).

This version of the BeConverter features over 30 categories of data equivalents including:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Money
  • Volume
  • Area
  • Mass
  • Velocity
  • Digital Quantity etc.

Under each category you can convert to and from several related units. This version features totally over 350 units! All of which you can use in an easy to use graphical user interface.

Oh! and please vote for this app if you find it useful, since I can't money out of it, let me atleast see my app get somewhere ;)

Sorry, geocities often shuts down the download site temporarily due to traffic and hence if you cannot connect to the site try at a later time. Or you can download from BeZip.de as BeConverter is also available there thanks for Sebastian Benner - its webmaster.

- Ramshankar

Details about this version:

* Added one new category: Euro
* Changed colors for the main list. Selected item is more clear now.
* Cleaned up some code, lots more left.
* Optimized factor-based conversion routine marginally.
* Wrote double-buffered text controls for flicker free drawing!
* Multi-selectable text controls
* Copy function extended to suit selected values
* Change of License agreement.

Submitted On:
03 Dec 2002
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
763.82 Kb
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0 # Doesn't work in Haikupete 2013-04-15 01:22
I thought it would be nice to h ave this on my Haiku machine, but unfortunately it crashes. Some app like this would be convenient to have.
0 # RE: BeConverterpistooli 2014-09-02 10:15
Does not start in hrev47773 nightly.

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