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A quick command launcher originally inspired by Run by Luke A. Kanies which lets you run just about any app quickly from the command line -- Terminal app, Deskbar apps, etc. Quite handy if you are fond of the Windows Vista search box to find your Start Menu programs.

Some power users (like myself) like Windows' Run window. This version not only runs commands as if you typed them from the Terminal, but it also runs Preferences and regular applications found in the Deskbar. It will also automatically complete your typing for any program in the standard program locations. Very handy (and fast) when mapped via SpicyKeys - launch any of your favorite programs in a few keystrokes without leaving the keyboard. :)

RC2 fixes some small bugs in the program which caused typing to not always work correctly and some which caused certain programs, such as BeZillaBrowser and BeAE, to not appear in the list.

Submitted On:
23 Jan 2011
Submitted By:
Jon Yoder (darkwyrm)
File Size:
60.67 Kb
MIT License
File Version:
1.0 RC 2
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