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About Window Decor:

Window Decor is a simple program to change the Window look in BeOS without having to remember the sneaky key combination that puts Window Decor on the BeOS menu.

This version includes both BeOS and HAIKU versions.

Removed the need to have libncurses.so installed.

HAIKU r41581 changed the setdecor command-line tool.  This updates WindowDecor to work with the new changes.

NOTE: this progam does not include the decorators. it only chooses the active decorator installed on the system. Haiku r1a4 removed all but the default decorator due to the changes required to make stack and tile work for all decorators. At this time, this program accomplishes nothing for Haiku.

Submitted On:
22 May 2011
Submitted By:
Jim Saxton (bbjimmy)
File Size:
849.41 Kb
File Version:
File Author:
Jim Saxton ( Fat Elk Software )
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0 # BeOS r5 and HAIKUbbjimmy 2009-10-16 10:43
Window Decor now runs on Haiku.

There is a BeOS r5 app and a HAIKU app.
0 # new versionbbjimmy 2010-11-07 20:15
http://fatelk.com/Window-Decor.zip now includes BeOS and HAIKU versions.

Must make a link to libncurses.so named libncurses.so.5 in the lib folder
0 # only gcc4 Version?Lelldorin 2011-05-23 13:43
I have tried it on gcc2 and it does not run:

Could not open "WindowDecor" (Missiong symbol: AllUnarchived__5BViewOC8Messag e.)
+1 # RE: only gcc4 Version?bbjimmy 2011-05-23 13:57
What revision of haiku are you using? should work on gcc2 and gcc4 versions ... produced on a gcc2 hybrid install tested on both gcc2 and 4 hybrid systems.
0 # RE: RE: only gcc4 Version?Lelldorin 2011-05-23 15:21
I use the alpha 1 i remember... I egt often problems with gcc hybrids making yab apps, iit was every time better to use a gcc2 or gcc4 version and no hybrid. I dont know the lanuage you use for the app, but tis can be the problem.
0 # RE: RE: RE: only gcc4 Version?bbjimmy 2011-06-09 18:58
setdecor did not function on r1a1 as I recall.
0 # RE: Window Decorbbjimmy 2011-05-23 16:25
I use the alpha 1

This is a yab app. YAB was compiled on r1a2. Since r1a3 is just about to be released, I suggest updating your system. the appi calls have been changed from r1a1 and alot of new software compiled on haiku will no longer run on r1a1.
0 # RE: Window Decorthatguy 2011-05-23 17:04
there were changes in the decorator setup and this works currently on A3. with the live preview mode. I tested it last night.
0 # RE: Window DecorSeanCollins 2011-05-30 09:46

This application qualifys.Compatible with Alpha3.
0 # Mostly obsoletebbjimmy 2013-04-17 10:46
Haiku R1A4.1 includes this functionality in the Appearance preflet. Adding this setting program to Haiku will not add Decorators.

Most Decorators were removed when S&T was included in the default Decorator as all Decorators must now allow and work with S&T.

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