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A packaged version of the Ruby language v 1.8.4 (configured for BONE networking)

This is yet another binary package of Ruby, which may fill in a hole or two not covered by the other BeOS releases. I've been using it happily for a year, but never released it before because it was not quite complete -- in particular, no net or sockets. These have finally been added in this release.

I've sort of come to the conclusion that Ruby is the most important development in computer languages in the past 20 years or so. It just is slick! So anything I can do to widen its visibility I'm happy to...

This is Ruby 1.8.4, which corresponds to the latest edition of the "Programming Ruby" ("Pickaxe") textbook. The "irb" script actually has a xicon script filetype, so if you have that installed you can make a link to /boot/home/config/bin/irb from your desktop, and invoke it with a double-click.

This will probably work just as well on non-BONE systems. I no longer have net_server set up on my own machine -- and I don't like switching -- but I just tried turning net-server back on on another machine, and Ruby still worked fine! Give it a try...

Details about this version:

This version at last adds Sockets and Networking (for BONE only) to the package.

I believe that, aside from sockets, everything else should also run under basic R5. (Also note that this package is identical to the previous aside from the addition of socket.so. So if you're updating, rather than unpacking the whole thing again, you might want to just find that in the zip file, extract it, and move it over to /boot/home/config/lib/ruby/1.8/i586-beos)
Submitted On:
28 Sep 2007
Submitted By:
Pete Goodeve (pete)
File Size:
4,702.62 Kb
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File Author:
Pete Goodeve
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0 # Important parts not compatible with HaikuHaiColon 2009-02-04 21:44
Throws an error when trying to require libraries like open-uri and net/http so communicating with the internet (like downloading files) is not possible.

Apart from that I really like how it's packaged. Really easy to install and uninstall. Great job.
0 # BrunoBratwurst 2009-07-07 17:08
I just lent a "ruby" book from the library and tried this download.
After download I am unable to open the .zip file with Expander using haiku ver. 30933.

I will try to open it elsewhere...
0 # BrunoBratwurst 2009-07-07 20:12
now after downloading again it works...
0 # BrunoBratwurst 2009-07-07 20:14
I tried it with haiku but it wont work? Missed somethhing? Terminal wont pop up...

The "irb" script actually has a xicon script filetype, so if you have that installed you can make a link to /boot/home/config/bin/irb from your desktop, and invoke it with a double-click.
0 # Text editor for Ruby?BrunoBratwurst 2009-07-09 17:44
No it works fine...
Which text editor should I use with Ruby?
pe does not support highlighting with Ruby...
0 # Old versionDisreali 2011-09-05 10:37
This is a very old version of ruby. It is a port to BeOS R5.

If you are using Haiku there is a newer port available. In Terminal, type 'installoptionalpackage -l' for a list of optioanl pkgs.
0 # Don't bother with this versionpete 2011-09-30 00:44
I see that Disreali has already pointed this out recently, but I thought I'd reinforce the point! This is an old 1.8.4 package I put together together several years ago. Haiku has a fully functional (as far as I can tell) 1.9.1 available as an optional package.

I have some personal anooyances with some of the changes in 1.9.1, which required some major changes in my scripts, but unless you have need of 1.8, stick with the new one
-- Pete --

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