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About Ur-Quan Masters:

Ur-Quan Masters: Toys for Bob's 1992's classic space adventure game arrives on the BeOS!

After being stranded on an Alien planet your crew finds an ancient starship making factory, with just enough materials, to build one last ship.

You arrive in Sol only to find, Earth is locked in some
alien force field what happened? Its up to you to save Earth.

-Travel to thousands of Star Systems.
-meet many interesting species, can you trust them?
-expand and upgrade your ship.
-visit strange and dangerous worlds and mine them for precious resources
-control the fate of inter-stellar empires, who lives and who dies?
-explore hyperspace and beyond.
-battle alien ships in real time, strategy is key

The galaxy is in your hands now.

This game is recomended for a pentium 300, but will run on a Pentium 133, please make sure you have SDL 1.2.5

Remember This is Alpha Software, Highly Buggy at the moment ;)

Details about this version:

Major Changes

Landing on Planet Works properly now
No longer requires SDL_Mixer
now works on machines as low as Pentium 133
Binary has been shrunk by about 9megs.
Tons of in game fixes.
Arrow keys work properly
Melee has been greatly improved.
Should be Playable now

Update for 03/08/2003
Added Jess's script in.
Cleaned up and improved documentation
Switched to a new and improved Icon

This single archive contains the executable binary, upgrade patches, sources and content:

Music and Voice are not required but recomended to get the highest quality experience.

Content 11.93Megs (Required)
Music 18.02Megs
Voice 108.43Megs

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Submitted On:
07 Mar 2003
Submitted By:
Karl vom Dorff (karl)
File Size:
136.8 mb
File Version:
0.2 Alpha
File Author:
Be Development
File HomePage:
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+1 # RE: Ur-Quan Mastersstreakx 2009-11-30 17:37
ugh, deadlink..
+1 # RE: RE: Ur-Quan Masterskarl 2009-11-30 18:08
0 # New VersionPremislaus 2012-05-06 11:56
http://sc2.sourceforge.net/ - There is already version 0.7.0

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