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March 15th, 2011

A sore spot for Haiku (as the only successor to BeOS 'the multimedia OS'), is, well,... the lack of multimedia. Part of this, is TV and capture ability. Note, see the first video here ('About BeOS - Made by BeInc.' and scroll to 13:15/19:48 min - note the computer was a 233mhz with 64mb of RAM) for some of the video capturing and OS available effects one could apply within BeOS (not in Haiku).

The goal of this bounty would be to develop from scratch, or port existing TV drivers to Haiku and show the signal through BWindow. Further, integrate into the media server to allow applications such as TV+ or StampTV to make use of the signal. Optionally, and in addition, create an input server add-on to support remotes (with one supported hardware example - see BeRC, a LIRC port). Note, TV+ supports RC-5 remotes.

The goal would be to supply two out of three drivers for the following chipsets:

  1. bt848 & bt878
  2. saa1730/34
  3. contextant 2388x

and prove their function through the aforementioned TV programs. For more information, see Oscar Lesta's comments below (3rd comment).
    Driver Links:
    BeOS/Haiku TV Application Links:

    *Note: I've contacted both authors of the above apps for the sources, will update on the progress. *Update: TV+ sources are now available in the package file listing here.



    +1 # RE: TV DriversMeanwhile 2010-09-14 03:50
    Good bounty, let's hope Rob Judd will notice it...See:http://haikuware.com/20090519369/more-tv-support-coming-to-haiku-interview-rob-judd

    (Maybe fellow-Aussie Sikosis can help with that)
    +2 # RE: RE: TV Driverskarl 2010-09-14 05:58
    I did notify Rob of the bounty :-)
    +2 # RE: TV Driverskarl 2010-09-15 13:45
    I spoke with Oscar Lesta also about this. He worked on a driver originally, and gave those sources to Rob. His comments:

    I'm not going to apply, I believe others can do it better than I, so
    take these comments as constructive, and disinterested ones.

    1.- The scope of the bounty is to broad.

    I believe, for my previous experience, that at least the BT8xx and
    SA713x drivers could share a lot of code if the "analog tv stack" is
    well designed. But it will be certainly difficult to manage to came up
    with a working driver for such different beasts all at once.

    2.- As far as I know... TV-O-Rama is tighly coupled to DVB-T/S, and
    thus making it the "golden reference" is plain wrong. A far much
    better target would be a TV app that only talks to the media_server
    (StampTV, TV+, etc, etc.).


    3.- Only mentioning chipsets and not specific cards as targets means
    that unless "you" and the developer have the same hardware, you will
    not be able to validate its work.

    4.- I would remove the mail addresses of those Philips employees.
    Maybe they still work there, but those address where old when I first
    saw them (2004 at least). For the SAA713x I have, I believe, all the
    Philips' official documentation there is for it. I could upload it
    somewhere as to not have to email them repeatedly, or at least provide
    a list of names/sizes/md5s of the files I have, maybe they are online

    So... I would be more specific on the bounty's target, and surely make
    it a "multi-stage" one.

    1st... Show the world that your driver for XXX is able to show the TV
    signal in whatever type of BWindow you are able to for a particular
    card(s) model(s).

    2nd... Integrate that with the media_server, so one could use any
    "video_in-aware" app to capture/show the signal (Stippi would agree
    with this point).

    3rd... Refine the work as to make it work for lots of more cards
    (beware of vl4's list of tuners, there is a HUGE amount of overlap
    there, ie: they have 50 different tuner types, with only 22 you could
    cover ALL, really).

    4th...Make input work for all the remotes, no matter of what chipsets
    (ie: have a common api, and write an input_server addon).

    5th... Create a Haiku clone of FlyTV2000 (the best TV app for Windows)
    or of its evolution, BeholderTV.



    A TV app for FreeBSD, with native drivers for SAA713x and others (cx25840, pwc). Also, FreeBSD has bt8xx drivers.

    I would use that instead of v4l code as a guide (far smaller and maybe
    less capable, but easier to follow). Use v4l drivers code only for
    reference of certain hardware details, ie. documentation, unless you
    plan to release your code under the GPL.
    0 # RE: TV Driverskarl 2010-09-21 14:29
    TV+ sources are now available in the packages file listing here (thanks Michael). The R5 binary does run on the latest GCC4 hybrid without any recompilation.
    0 # RE: TV Driversthatguy 2010-10-13 13:04
    I think the time for this has passed sadly. why do this when you can watch tv program in flash player online ? a good video capture utility would be nice but its really alot of extra work with no tangiable benefit. Getting gnash to work properly would be a bigger concern IMHO.
    0 # RE: RE: TV Driverskarl 2010-10-13 13:13
    you're welcome to start any bounty you wish.
    0 # RE: RE: RE: TV Driversthatguy 2010-10-13 21:30
    Quoting karl:
    you're welcome to start any bounty you wish.

    ahh I'll stick with donations to the printing bounty. thats a very useable functionality enhancmenet. If gnash worked better "or properly" you could use it on fancast etc. which gives you the same benefits of TV in.

    or maybe get camcorder support going. I would love to be able to download my digital camcorder to haiku,but then we'd need a video editing utility.
    -1 # RE: RE: RE: RE: TV Driverskarl 2010-10-14 05:55
    we'd need a video editing utility.



    I would love to be able to download my digital camcorder to haiku,but then we'd need a video editing utility.

    Kind of makes you want to support this bounty too eh? :D
    0 # RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: TV Driversthatguy 2010-10-14 14:10
    How about a DVI/firewire Transport bounty ????? most digital camcorders can be harvested over dvi/firewire/usb 2.0.

    I have one rage 128 card all in wonder. I haven't seen a capture card like it in years. There are those new usb sttyle interfaces though for capturing old video tape and vcrs etc. IIRC though someone or several companies make firewire DVI generic capture devices for that purpose.

    One bounty for DVI support could cover alot of ground.

    Quoting karl:
    we'd need a video editing utility.



    I would love to be able to download my digital camcorder to haiku,but then we'd need a video editing utility.

    Kind of makes you want to support this bounty too eh? :D

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