Wifi Encryption Bounty

Target: $2000-3000 Reached! | Funds Raised
: Not Assigned

The bounty was split into three milestones, and is to be completed within a timeframe of around four months.

Axel Doerfler completed milestones 2 & 3 of this bounty. The developer taking on this bounty will complete the first milestone to acquire the remainder of the bounty funds.

  1. Port wpa_supplicant, and extend the networking stack to make it work. I have an Intel IPRO 3945 WLAN device, and the target would be to make it work with this one. I might get hold of some other cards to test with though.
  2. Design and implement a C++ API to be used for configuring/accessing the WLAN (including WEP/WPA/WPA2 support). Integrate the wpa_supplicant functionality into the net_server or wherever else appropriate.
  3. Extend existing applications (ifconfig, net_server, Networkpreferences, and NetworkStatus) to use this API and support WLAN.


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    +2 # updatekarl 2010-10-14 06:10
    Axel updates his progress at his blog:

    0 # RE: Wifi Encryption Bountythatguy 2010-12-01 16:24
    Saw a bunch of commit recently. I think he's getting pretty close.
    0 # RE: RE: Wifi Encryption Bountykarl 2010-12-01 17:08
    hope so! i hate when deadlines are missed :lol:
    0 # RE: Wifi Encryption Bountythatguy 2010-12-17 12:49
    its a big task and he seems to be grinding away on it. I haven't seen any commits from him in months except for fix's to get the bounty completed and a few occassion bug fix, but those have been very far and few between.

    Big job this is. I say cut the guy some slack !
    -4 # Return the moneycipri 2011-01-19 03:29
    I think Axel should return the money, because the bountry is not finished.

    After the bountry is finished, it can be evaluated if the work he did is worth 2/3 of the bountry. (Perhaps it is more, perhaps it is less).

    The fact that he solved two points of 3, doesn't mean, that he did 2/3 of the work.
    +2 # Really, man?mta 2011-01-21 21:57
    3000 dollars for working wifi encryption for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 seems pretty cheap to me, so unless there are many other able programmers lining up to tackle this task it seems like the Haiku community should be relatively grateful for the guys time and effort.

    Yeah, he's getting paid a bit, but it's not exactly like having a full-time programming job.

    An "all-or-nothing" scenario doesn't really make sense when you consider the amount of effort involved and the amount of time he's already devoted to working on this.

    I know the term "bounty" evokes a certain kind of imagery, but this is reality, with actual human beings working selflessly on open source side-projects, not some space-opera featuring Boba Fett and his wiley gang of hardened space bounty hunters.
    +1 # RE: Really, man?cipri 2011-01-22 05:36
    Quoting mta:
    An "all-or-nothing" scenario doesn't really make sense bounty hunters.

    I didn't mean "all-or-nothing".
    My idea was, that he gives the money back, then if somebody solves the whole bountry, then you can evaluate who did how much.

    I mean, how much motivation has a programmer, if he knows he will get 1/3 of the money, when perhaps he has to do 80% of the work???

    So after the bountry is completed, then you can decide who gets what percentage of the bountry.

    Who knows, perhaps after the bountry is completed Axel will ger more than 2/3 or perhaps less. But in any case it must be distributed in a right otherwise we don't have big chances to have wpa working.

    People payed for wpa (wep was already working) and their money was taken in proportion of 2/3 and wpa is still not working.

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