Stack & Tile (SAT)

To use SAT it has to be enabled in the terminal by:

setdecor SATDecorator

How to use it

You need a keyboard with a Windows key (Mac keyboards use the right 'alt/option' key), press the key and drag a window at the same time.

More Info

About Stack & Tile:

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Meanwhile, 2010/10/10 11:58

Nothing happens here, so just wondering if a key has to be pressed when dragging a window towards another in order to let the two stack (or tile). Next question: which key? I've tried Windows-key, Ctrl, Alt, Home, End, Spacebar, Shift and so on, but none work. Using r38882

karl, 2010/10/10 18:11

Hi Meanwhile,

'You need a keyboard with a Windows key, press the win key and drag a window at the same time.'

From: Mailing List

Also see, 'install'. Not sure if it's on the default image. Please confirm.

Guess I should add the above to the Wiki ;-)

Meanwhile, 2010/10/10 19:58

Aye, that's a useful link. Thank you, Karl.

Still, I need to fiddle around (try other keyboards, keymaps etc.) because it doesn't work here, but I'm sure it will work with everybody else :D

karl, 2010/10/11 02:38

no prob MW. maybe it isn't included in the image yet, i'm not sure.

karl, 2010/10/11 02:43

I did get it to work… I'm on rev38892 GCC4 hybrid.

I have a MacPro Keyboard and had to hold the right 'alt/option' key while dragging a tracker window (by the yellow tab) beside another one… it worked then and snapped together.

Meanwhile, 2010/10/11 13:03

On r38882 GCC2hybrid it doesn't work in a multitude of key/keymap/keyboard combinations, hopefully a later revision will solve that. SATDecorator really is included in that revision: I can find it at /boot/home/config/add-ons/decorators. Also, there was no error message in Terminal after using 'setdecor SATDecorator'.

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