Install Haiku Beside Windows

Disclaimer: Do this on your own risk. I don't take any resposibility for any data loss caused by using this guide.

Suppose you have a computer with just Windows on it occupying the entire disk. These instructions will follow this scheme.

Shrink your NTFS or FAT32 partition that Windows is sitting on to make room for a partition that Haiku will go on and format it as FAT32 for now (choose to the right, or after your Windows partition. note: you must create a partition at least as big as the image you want to install) using the great (and free) partitioning tool - Gparted (LiveCD). Note, if you create the partition to the left, or before your Windows install, you'll likely mess up your Windows installation!

After that, boot into Windows, grab a raw Haiku disk image , and use dd for Windows to copy the image to that partition. To do this, uncompress the Haiku disk image to C:/ and put dd in the same directory - rename the disk image to 'haiku.img'. Go to 'Start/Run' and type in 'cmd' to bring up a console (or find it under 'Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt'. Type in

cd C:\

and then copy the disk image:

dd if=c:\haiku.img of=\\.\g: bs=1M --size --progress

(you will probably need to change the g: to the actual partition you made with GParted).

After that's complete, we need to add Haiku to NT's bootloader since Haiku doesn't have a bootloader (yet). For this, we'll use bootpart. Download this and uncompress it to C:/ again. Using the same console, type in:

bootpart 1 Haiku Haiku

The #1 signifies the Haiku partition. Use the list function to make sure you have the right partition:

bootpart list

This process will make a file used to boot Haiku called 'Haiku' in C:/, and also add 'Haiku' to the NT boot loader. You can also edit C:\boot.ini to change the timeout of the bootloader to something more realistic, like 5 seconds.

You're not done yet actually, you have to make the partition bootable. The easiest route, would probably be to download Haiku's LiveCD. Burnt it, and boot off the CD to the desktop as a LiveCD (not the installer). Right click on your desktop, and mount all your partitions. Open a terminal and type in 'df'. You can see where your Haiku partition is mounted. Then simply type:

makebootable /Haiku

Your system should boot now (if the hardware is supported). If you have any tips or gripes, leave them in the comments section!

*If you install Haiku to your first primary partition you can bypass the makebootable step, and your machine should just boot Haiku.

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